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Popular Charter Gulets, Turkey & Croatia Summer of 2017

Popular Charter Gulets, Turkey & Croatia Summer of 2017


Another summer is coming to an end, this was our 24th season in yacht charters and proudly  we had again many happy feedbacks from all our guests who sailed with us in Turkey and Croatia.


Did you know that there are 454 lovely beaches awarded with the prestigious Blue Flag in Turkey, thanks to their quality and safety. Pristine coastline, crystal clear waters,  coves, sandy beaches, amazing archeological sites and all bathed in shining sunshine.


Would you like to visit a country with some of the best beaches in the world and housing two of the ancients world’s Seven Wonders ?

We also have valuable tips and recommendations for you, please find below list of NEW and  most favoured gulets  in Vela Dare fleet and the most loved coastal routes.   


New and Popular Gulets of Vela Dare for 2017 – 2018  are listed below in alphabetical order, please click on the names to see photos and further specifications of the yachts.




Alessandro 40 meters , 5 cabins, 10 guests, mega yacht  operating again in Turkey again in 2018, book early ..  


Amazon Solo, 28 meters, 6 cabins , 12 guests, traditional luxury, spacious deck space – one of the best values for money in Turkey !!


Biliz, 24 meters, 4 cabins, 8 guests, deluxe and compact very beamy comfortable gulet


Carpe Diem V, 47 meters, 6 cabins, mega gulet, top of the range, top selection, Turkey & Greece


Dragon Fly, 41 meters, 5 cabins, 10 guests, touch of luxury in Dalmatian coast


Gora, 40 meters, 5 cabins, 12 guests, top notch, ship shape Bristol fashion as the English say, Turkey & Greece


Enderim A, 29 meters, 6 cabins, 12 guests, a classic luxury , Turkey & Greece


Sema Tuana, 32 meters, 6 cabins, 12 guests , one of the best gulets in Turkish coast and Greece


Maske 2, 30 meters, 6 cabins, 12 guests, popular gulet of 2017 along the Turkish coast and Greece


Queen of Datca, 36 meters, 5 cabins, 10 guests, Exploring the Dalmatian coast


Navilux, 37 meters, 6 cabins, 12 guests, Epitomic yacht of Croatian coast


Morning Star, 27 meters, 6 cabins, 12 guests, Truly best value in Croatia with excellent service under command of captain Domagoj


Dolce Vita, 34 meters, 5 cabins, 10 guests, A Turkish lokumi in Dalmatia, deluxe gulet , best value


Linda, 25 meters, 7 cabins, 14 guests, truly popular gulet in Dalmatia, book early


Tajna Mora, 31 meters, 9 cabins, 18 guests, if you are a big group saling Dalmatian coast, this is the best value – best service




Please forward your inquiries and let us plan for you another sailing holidays in Turkey, Greece and Croatia.