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4 must-do things on a gulet charter around Marmaris

Deep blue sea, salt and magical sunsets combined with a gulet charter… Do you also think that it’s what you need for this summer? If so, here are some suggestions of activities to make your holidays even more magical!

1) Get your rift swim masks ready

Once you and your group of loved ones decide to take a gulet charter from Vela Dare, you would want to explore unique habitat of Mediterranean sea. We briefly describe the highlights of the Turkish coast in another section, so you could take notes in your mind to prepare yourself and your equipment.

2) Taste delicious cuisine

When on the gulet charter, snacks and welcome champagne will be served while we brief you about life on-board and introduce the crew. Onboard chefs prepare a selection of delicious dishes from the Turkish kitchen. Start indulging yourselves with a tasty Turkish Mediterranean breakfast, eat a light lunch in a peaceful cove, and take five o’clock tea after a swimming break. The highlight of your day is a leisurely dinner served alfresco, followed by coffee on deck watching shooting stars. If you feel inclined, dive into the water under a full moon before retiring to your cabin.

3) Charge your camera

Amazing ruins are scattered all along the coast; Lycian tombs artistically carved into rocks overlooking the coves, where your boat is moored, turn your sailing holiday into a voyage through the largest open-air sail-in museum in the world. Chances are you are going to want to take a photo of every moment on the gulet charter, that’s why charging your camera is essential.

4) Visit Symi Island

While on the gulet charter, if you also want to discover European side of Mediterranean Sea , you should see the spectacular view of Symi Island. With its original architecture, picturesque beaches and sympathetic streets; Symi is more than words or photos can say!

Why choosing Marmaris this summer?

1) Original places within reach

Unlike cruises on ocean liners, on a gulet you can explore the secluded and often deserted bays and coves of Marmaris. Visits to small harbours and coastal settlements offer an intimate view of local life which large ships can not replicate.

2) Positive feed back

Travellers who spend half of the year in the Caribbean and half in the Mediterranean, say Turkey is the most stunning coast to take a gulet charter to. Why not to allow yourself experience the difference?

3) Rich historical information to get

It is not that the ocean is not fascinating, but this coastal area of Turkey offers more than pristine white beaches and palm trees. Your sailing holiday becomes unique, embellished with beautiful scenery and Turkey’s rich historical heritage.


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