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Discover Turkey with Gulets

Our country is open to all kinds of tourism due to its geographical structure. With the increasing yacht tourism in recent years, many people had chance watch the unique view of our country and enjoy the hidden coves of paradise. With the gulets, you can enjoy the sea the way you want.

Gulet Holidays

With the increasing gulet tourism in our country in recent years, it is possible to discover the hidden bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean. We recommend you to have this unique holiday with our boats suitable for every budget. Gulets have been the choice of many families who want to spend their holiday at sea and the prices paid by crowded groups are cheaper from the hotel holiday.

There are countless options for a gulet holiday. You can choose the option that best fits your budget. In our country it is not possible to reach many coves by land. In this case, holidaymakers discover the hidden bays and enjoy their vacations in a secluded way. The most enjoyable part of exploring the bays with the gulet is your view is changing every day and you will enjoy your holiday with most delicious foods that your private chef  is preparing for you.


Our average daily prices range from 800 to 15,000 €. Prices vary according to boat length and luxury. It is one of our main duties to find a boat suitable for the budget of every guest and make their holiday the most memorable one.


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