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Delicious Turkish Cousine On Vela Dare Yachts
Onboard chefs prepare a selection of delicious dishes from the Turkish kitchen. Start indulging yourselves with a tasty Turkish Mediterranean breakfast, eat a light lunch in a peaceful cove, and take five o’clock tea after a swimming break. The highlight of your day is a leisurely dinner served alfresco, followed by coffee on deck watching shooting stars. If you feel inclined, dive into the water under a full moon before retiring to your cabin.

Breakfast includes plate of seasonal fruits, different kinds of cheese, salami, bacon, olives, eggs, butter, jam, local honey, cornflakes, yogurt, local tomatoes, freshly squeezed orange juice, tea and fresh press coffee.
Lunch and dinner consists of at least four dishes: main course, side dish, salad or locally-grown vegetables and fresh fruits or dessert. As each of our chefs have their own specialities, it is difficult to list all the dishes you will be served. However, some popular Turkish dishes are listed on the menu. These are served at certain times of the year, depending on the availability of the vegetables. Fish and other seafood – Two seafood dinner is served during a weeks charter, and you can always try and catch your own fish! Please inform us, at time of booking, if you require a vegetarian menu.



  • Sigara boregi – Deep fried filo pastry rolls with parsley and white cheese
  • Cacik – finely chopped cucumber in garlic, yogurt and mint.
  • Mujver – fried courgette pancakes, with dill, parsley and onions.
  • Etli biber dolma – stuffed whole peppers with rice and minced meat.
  • Sebzeli krep – vegetable crepe with becahmel sauce.
  • Imam Bayildi – stuffed whole aubergines with onions, green pepper, mince meat, tomatoes and garlic.
  • Kizartma – fried aubergines, green peppers, potatoes and cucumber with garlic yogurt.
  • Sebzeli tavuk – chicken with seasonal vegetables.
  • Fırında kuzu – leg of lamb oven baked served with steamed vegetables & garnish.
  • Bahcevan kebabi – gardener’s kebab – meat cubes with seasonal vegetables.
  • Balik bugulama – fish stew with potatoes, onions, green pepper, bay leaves and tomatoes.


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