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Gulet holidays in Turkey.

Our country is very suitable for marine tourism due to its geographical location. Unexplored, untouched by human beings, there are quite a lot of natural beauty. For this reason, it is the preferential choice of vacationers. The bays in Mediterranean and Aegean regions are really worth seeing. Some of these bays cannot be reached by road. Therefore, gulets can be quite attractive for such situations.

Why Gulet?

As mentioned above, it is not possible to reach many coves by road. In such cases, you can easily reach the desired bay with a gulet. Turkey gulet charter companies give very high quality service at this stage. These companies, which appeal to both domestic and foreign customers, offer very attractive opportunities.

When it comes to summer holidays, many people think of sea, sand and sun. If you enjoy sailing and you do not have a financial limit for the holiday, gulet charter would be quite reasonable for you. As the number of cabins increases, the cost increases with the size of the gulets. If you are not going to spend your holiday with an overcrowded group, a small gulet would be ideal for you. Gulet prices ranging from 10,000-100,000 €  . But if you want to spend a unique holiday and see all the unexplored bays you can afford this price.  Of course, we should say that this price is weekly. You will not be able to forget your gulet holiday. The biggest advantage is that you can spend the night in a bay you want. If you wish you can spend your days here anchoring the gulet to a bay. Or you can anchor in one bay in the morning and in another bay in the afternoon and go to another bay in the evening of the same day. If you ask if this price is acceptable for all of these, it actually varies from person to person. This price can be afforded if you have the opportunity and you want to see different places during the summer holidays.


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