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See Aegean coast with a Gulet

In recent years, blue cruise tours have become quite at the forefront. This kind of tours can be advantageous because it is easy to reach many unique beauties that cannot be reached by road. The fact that these tours are made especially with gulets attracts many people. There are quite ideal options for crowds going on holiday together. Our country is a country that has many riches in its geographical position. Especially to visit the untouched natural beauties of Aegean Region, a journey with yacht or gulet is often required. Gulet tours are more economical than hotels, so they are preferred today.


The cost of a gulet and Aegean tour varies depending on the size of the gulet you have chosen and the number of cabins. Daily prices are on average between 1000-7000 €. Some tour companies have put the option to stop by different bays for the Aegean tour. The company will determine the bays in the Aegean and offer you a price accordingly. Some companies allow you to be completely free in terms of the Aegean tour. You choose the attractions according to your taste. You hire the gulet and the crew and decision of the route is completely yours.

If you are planning an Aegean tour with a Gulet, you should definitely determine the places and bays you want to stop by and discuss with your captain. Since most of the bays are not accessible by road, a holiday with a gulet will surely satisfy you.


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