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Jan and Eric M.

Dear  Serhan,  we e-mail to thank you and your wonderful crew on Amazon Solo once again. We all had the most amazing week, and  it will be talked about for a long time to come. Thank you for all your most efficient organising , which made the whole trip go smoothly. Tell your chef I have downloaded  some Kofta recipes and will be trying to re create his koftas.

Everyone is anxiously waiting for the recipe for the beautiful tomato sausage dish he made at breakfast. In the meantime, all our  thanks to you and your team, and we hope to see you again next year.

Best wishes,

Jan and Eric M. , Scotland  /  October 2019

Mario I.


 My dear Serhan bey, although some weeks have already passed by, the remembering of the days spent on AMAZON SOLO are still lively shining inside me as well as in the hearts of all the friends of mine that were on the boat.

 With this feeling inside, daring to speak also on behalf of the other friends that shared the same experience on AMAZON SOLO, here I am to ‘officially’ express our deepest satisfaction for the vacation we had from 3rd to 10th of August 2019.

 The efficiency of the crew as a whole and, more specifically, , the skillness of Yusuf kaptan, the attention of the İrem, the ability of şef İmdat , the kindness of Özcan …. all of that made our trip an unforgettable holiday indeed.

 And this without mentioning, last but not least, the beautifulness of the AMAZON SOLO, a real unique example of huge common spaces, attracting commodities, big cabins and appealing skyline melted together to reach an unbelievable good final result.

 I personally was at my sixth MAVI YOLCULUK and, out of this number, the week spent on AMAZON SOLO can be easily considered as the best I have had. 

 Hoping to benefit from your services again in the future (next year), please accept mine and our best wishes and full tahnksfulness.


Mario I. , Italy / August 2019

M.  W. Rennie

Serhan & Can we have had a truly fabulous trip. We will definitely be back next year. Thank you again for all your wonderful help.


M.  W. Rennie – Australia

September 2018

K. Lafky

Sailing on the Amazon Solo is an iconic travel adventure.  The combination of a well-made ship, attentive and experienced crew, and the Turkish coast scenery make for an unforgettable experience.  The company provides great support in the booking process, trip planning and preparation.  The captain, chef and crew are first-rate.  The scenery and ability to visit interesting and beautiful locations is special.  We have sailed 3 different times (2001, 2015 & 2018); each time a different itinerary and each time a wonderful experience.

Thanks again for all of your help and support and we hope to see you again soon.

Take care.

Lafky, USA  / June 2018

Gwyneth E.

Hi Serhan and Can,

I was going to email you today to tell you what a wonderful time we had on our sailing holiday in Croatia. The crew was exceptional and provided for our every need in addition to being very professional and flexible as well as fun. Captain  was extremely skilled. We saw just how skilled he was when we pulled into every port with ease and we saw how badly the captains of other boats handled the docking process!!

The boat was lovely and in great condition. When we stopped in port, I noticed people stopping to look at the boat and how nice she was. We enjoyed every port and Korcula was a particular favorite. The food was very good and plentiful – lunch every day was at least 3 courses! Several people told me it was the best vacation they had ever had and everyone wants to return to Croatia again.

I wanted to thank you and Can for all your hard work and preparation for our holiday. All the arrangements went very smoothly from the transportation to the preferences you communicated to the crew to coordinating our arrival and departure. There is nothing you could have done better – it was perfect.

Carlos and Fernando are still in Split for a few days, but I’m sure they will add their comments once they return.

We’d love to do a Turkish/Greek charter sometime and we would certainly use your services again.

Best regards,

Gwyn – Boston

30 September 2017

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